So there’s a lot f BIG THINGS out there and there’s always one or two that drives you absolutely insane trying to find.

I spent three days looking for a BIG Fish in Caboolture based on two google images I had found during a google image search.
One source said the item couldn’t be found and the other noted how ugly it was. Dates on each pic were around the same time and Google Maps was fairy limited in this area.
From a hint by one poster stating they thought it looked like an amusement park and after many combinations of ‘Fish’ and Caboolture’ along with other variations to produce results I finally found a page that said it was a company logo for a Go carting facility.

After more Googling I had Google mapped every go carting facility in the region, still, with no success and after more digging eventually learnt the name of this brought out business via someone’s old blog of a family outing and learnt that it was in the very location suggested by the hunting community but it had been removed, the entire building site demolished, along with the surrounding lands and a Celebrations store built in its place.

So for all the BIG FISHs’ out there I’ll simply post them here and if someone should happen to cross this page and knows of it’s location or could give me more knowledge that may help in tracking it down I’d really appreciate it.

Location: Cowell SA


So somewhere in Cowell lives 4 BIG Fish.
Looks like a T section of crossroads.
Had one source mention Franklin Harbor but there’s no mapping in that area.



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