VIC BIG Things

∴ ∴ ∴



Total: 155 and counting 😉

BIG Things: 
Life sized Things: 
Strange Thing: 


12 Apostles
Dadswell Bridge: BIG Koala
Coldstream: BIG Brussels Sprout
Hamilton: BIG Wool Bales

I knew I was moving and still had a fair bit in VIC to complete.
I dedicated what time I had left, before I moved to the NT, to knock off all the regional items to leave the city and surrounds for visits. Easier to get to 😉

I completed my regional list in 7 road trips, each consisting of 2.5 – 3 days each.
Most trips had 15- 20 items on the list and it made for some pretty awesome get aways.

I lived in Werribee when I completed my road trips.
The links below will follow my journey or you can skip to the Map menu tab to make your own. All address’s or nearest address is provided for easier hunting.
Good luck and happy hunting!!!


#1 – West Victoria

#2 – North West Victoria

#3 – South West Victoria




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