Map is fairy straight forward.
I’m hoping in the next few days between blog posts I’ll finally get NSW mapped as it’s the last state I need to complete.

I’ve visited most of VIC and colored my visited BIG THINGS with green points and a selfie to complete the entry.
Light gray points are BIG THINGS with address’s that have been confirmed using Google maps
Dark gray for locations where they’re said to live  but have no visual confirmation from Google and
Black represents the non confirmed items. Things I can’t find or haven’t yet mapped and have no clue where in that suburb they actually are.
Obsolete items, things that have been removed will host a red icon and I should have by now, for the areas I’ve visited, uploaded a Google Image of at least what it was.

Most of my map comes with address’s for easier hunting. If you visit a point and it’s not directly in front of you, look around, some down have address’s so the neighbors address was borrowed.