I look back now and think ‘Oh, JESUS, Righto? How’d this start’ and always come back to laughing at the Abalone!

Like most people I discovered the Wiki BIG THING list then found a map belonging to one of the more seasoned BIG Thing enthusiasts  and made the mistake of trying to follow their map.
The trouble with dancing to the  beat of a drum belonging to another is that you don’t know the tune and every so often find yourself missing a beat… or a BIG THING that has been created since they had complete their tour and finished their project.

My first trip started in Bacchus Marsh and I almost didn’t go. I really hesitated!!
Working the night shift the thought of  waking up early to go take selfies with pointless objects seemed like a really silly, FUN but silly idea!!!
Somehow I managed to convince myself that all I ever did was work, drink myself silly on my days off and sleep.

I really needed an excuse to feel like I was actually living and deep down I craved a bit of adventure and distraction to break up the mold of a 50 hour workweek and a long distance relationship with a man I missed dearly.

So I went…

It was a small excursion that took me to Bacchus Marsh and lead to me getting lost in Meredith because I thought googling the address  would be easy enough.

After getting home after a really annoying day of wrong address and driving in the wrong direction for over half an hour to have to double back and miss a picture due to poor lighting I got home and promised I wouldn’t venture out again until I had done my own research and saved myself the frustration.