South West Victoria

So it’s another lovely Sunday morning and after an 8 hour shift I’m back on the road rearing to get started on the next adventure.
No time for sleep when there’s over sized novelty items to discover!!!

Starting in Mid West Victoria i aimed to go straight across, kiss the boarder then travel South to complete the regional West and hunt things a little closer to home.

Working 50 hours and pulling all-nighters just to hunt really messes with the sleeping pattern but I can’t tell you a time during any of my road trips where I regretted being out there, being fatigued at work or getting scoffed at by my Co-workers when forcing them to view my photo album on the return to work.

For the first time, in a really long time, I felt alive!

∴ ∴ ∴

Title: Brim Silos
Category: Unusual Thing

Location: 1991 Henty Hwy,
Brim VIC

Photo taken: 05/09/2016

Brim – Brim Silo

You’ll find this rather unusual spectacle along the highway.
I found out they use a scaffold to hoist the artist in the air to be able to do this.

I don’t know why, clearly I don’t get out much, but I rather had the impression this was done in secret by some artist looking for infamy.  A very artistic act of vandalism
Knowing sort of takes the magic out of it.


Title: Dog and Wheat Bags
Category: Life sized sculpture

Location: 30 Scott St,
Warracknabeal, VIC

Photo taken: 05/09/2016

Warracknabeal – Dog and Wheat Bag


Weirdo with a selfie stick in the middle of town and standing on a round about taking a selfie with a dog statue.
One more thing off my bucket list!!!



Title: Dog and Sheep
Category: Life sized Sculpture

Location: 112 Scott St,
Warracknabeal, VIC

Photo taken: 05/09/2016

Warracknabeal – Dog and Sheep

I don’t find life size sculptures all that interesting and while I understand the significance of farming communities and the contributions of the farm dog I’m left wondering if, despite every BIG THING hunter having these on their lists, if it actually qualifies.


Title: BIG Bull Dog
Category: BIG Thing

Location: 105 Dimboola Rd,
Horsham VIC

Photo taken: 05/09/2016

Horsham – BIG Bull Dog

So this little fella use to live on the MACK Truck stores front yard until the company was brougt out by John Deer and no longer had the right to display him. He still lives on the property and a friendly chat with the employees will allow you to sneak a photo with this beautiful creature that’s left collecting dust next to the right hand side fence underneath a sheet.
If you’re denied a photo google another Mack truck store. I’ve passed another bronze Bull Dog here in Darwin (See my NT category)

The problem with starting a blog 6 months after you start a project like this is you start to loose track. I noticed the last few photos had a different date and had to edit their photo date. Trivial I know but just after this Snap I packed it in for the night as the thought of a half hour drive to Dadswell Bridge seemed like a waste of time since there’d be no daylight by the time I got there so I parked in front of the local motel for a snooze.



∼ ∼ — DAY 2  — ∼ ∼

Title: Raptor
Category: Life Sized Thing

Location: 9176 Western Hwy,
Riverside VIC

Photo taken: 05/09/2016

Horsham – Raptor

Google Map says Riverside but it’s pretty much Horsham.
Don’t miss this guy when passing through to Dadswell Bridge!
It wasn’t on any map or blog I came across during my research so the random find was awesome! Had a lot of fun snapping pics with this one.



Title: BIG Koala
Category: BIG Thing

Location: 5829 Western Hwy,
Dadswells Bridge VIC

Photo: 06/09/2016

Dadswell Bridge – The BIG Koala

I think the eyes on this one will forever haunt me.
Large and imposing is how I’d best describe him. It was tough to get a decent photo without him being too far in the distance. One very impressive koala.

He lives in the front yard of a roadhouse offering a really decent coffee, snacks and souvenirs.

Unfortunatly we had a BIG Thing on both sides of Horsham.
The BIG Koala at Dadswell Bridge to the East and about the same distance out, to the West, we had the BIG Fish in Edenhope.
You can choose to go to either first but I found Dadswell Bridge easier to go to first as Edenhope had a more direct route South to the Southern Things on my list I was yet to tick off



Title: BIG Fish
Category: BIG Thing

Location: 95 Elizabeth St,
Edenhope VIC

Photo: 06/09/2016

Edenhope – BIG Fish

Fish and Golf balls.. lol
I don’t mind the excessive amount of Fish Victoria has to offer.
Every artist leaves a fingerprint when they make their art and each fish unique to the artists style and vision.

Golf balls on the other hand, not much variety other than size.

The address provided belongs to Edenhopes local Church. This BIG beauty is across the road in the park.

Title: BIG Wool Bales
Category: BIG Thing

Location: 230 Coleraine Rd,
Hamilton VIC

Photo: 6/09/2016

Hamilton – BIG Wool Bales

Some very clever disguising of houses from the locals here at Hamilton.
They say good things come in three’s and while they were far too big to get all three in the selfie they were certainly impressive.



Title: BIG Bandicoot
Category: BIG Thing

Location: 152 Ballarat Rd,
Hamilton VIC

Photo: 06/09/2016

Hamilton – The BIG Bandicoot

Front garden to the Bandicoot Hotel. Lots of parking and easy access



Title: BIG Shell
Category: BIG Thing

Location: 98 Leebreakwater Rd,
Portland, VIC

Photo: 06/09/2016

Portland – The BIG Shell

We are slowly discovering the disadvantages of the Selfie stick lol.
The stick really didn’t extend far enough to take a full shot of the shell but I went, I saw and I snapped!

Title: Whale
Category: Life Sized Thing

Location: 367 Raglan Parade,
Warrnambool VIC

Photo: 06/09/2016

Warrnambool – Whale


There is parking on the side of the road but it is a 2 lane BUSY main Rd so be careful.
He’s very noticeable so you don’t have to look too hard 🙂



It was about here that I missed one.. it was on my list but for some reason i crossed it off and didn’t visit it resulting in a later visit during my South West leg of Victoria.
I’m going to add it here instead of trip i took next just so it’s chronological.

Title: BIG Silver Ball
Category: BIG Thing

Location: 1-77 Flaxman St,
Warrnambool VIC

Photo: 06/09/2016

Warranambool – BIG Silver Ball

It looks so small but it’s actually HUGE.
They say you can see it from the outskirts of town and the day I did that particular trip I parked at a whale platform near the beach on the edge of town for some free camps and when heading into town the next morning it was the first thing I saw.
No directions needed for this one.

Title: BIG Milkshakes
Category: BIG Thing

Location: 5324 Great Ocean Rd,
Allansford VIC


Allansford – The BIG Milkshake

Much bigger than it looks..
The BIG Milkshakes sits on the front nature strip of a cheese factory.






And here is where I started having a string of bad luck. It’s late afternoon, it’s winter in VIC and I was running out of time to get back to Melb before I needed to start work at 2200HRS. The next two suburbs I visited, a fair drive to each direction, were both obsolete BIG Things.

Title: BIG Icecream
Category: BIG Thing (OBSOLETE)

Location: 6 Lord St,
Port Campbell VIC


Photo : 06/09/2016

Port Campbell – BIG Icecream

The Big Ice Cream was suppose to sit atop a building of the main street and while I found the store the BIG Ice Cream was no where in sight.
The venue was vacant and looked fairly closed down.



Title: BIG Stubbie



Terang – Stubbie

I shall let the reader be the judge on this one.
I can’t particularly tell if thats a cardboard cut out, inflatable toy or if the pic itself is fake.

I have been to Terang twice now though to try and find it. Both times the local and bottle store were closed. I can’t think of where else they’d be, other than the pub.
I couldn’t find any other images or stories regarding this one so I’m classing it as Obsolete and moving on.


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