North West Victoria

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Second BIG Hunt

So after getting home from my first road trip King Spud made me realize there was far more out there than what was listed so I decided to take what I knew and combine it with some of my own research.

I took the idea to create a google map from PostieNotes who gave me Things and suburbs that led to months and months of google mapping for address’
I ventured out when I was convinced I had every BIG THING in that area and had an address for each one.
As I write this post I realize it’s been 6 months now since I’ve started mapping. I’ve finished VIC obviously and every state but NSW

I found a  fair few more additions that were previously mentioned by other hunters and felt more confident wasting hundreds of dollars worth of fuel to explore what I had researched in an attempt to explore that region with no BIG Thing left behind.

— North West Victoria —
Day One


Title: BIG Pegs
Category: BIG Thing

Suburb: Chewton
Location: 140 Main Rd,
Chewton VIC

Photo taken: 20th September, 2016

Chewton – The Big Pegs

I actually had to back track for this one.
Ended up looking around the town to no avail, asking the gas station attendant and a customer who was filling up, who both had no knowledge of it and ended up skipping it and driving off to Castlemaine.

Title: BIG Cat
Category: BIG Thing

Suburb: Castlemaine
Location: Obsolete (Item no longer exists)

Item visited: 20th September, 2016

Castlemaine – The BIG Cat (Google Image)

The BIG Cat was suppose to sit atop a book store which had been brought out a few years prior. The women behind the counter had no knowledge of what happened to it but could tell me it hadn’t existed for several years.

After much disappointment I went to a local cafe to caffeine up for the next stop and upon harassing the staff about the BIG Pegs with no luck.
I got very fortunate on the way back to the car and looking to drive off to the next location. This local knew it existed and gave me directions.

So backtrack to Chewton to take the photo then onward to…

Title: BIG Lotus Flower
BIG Thing

Suburb: Bendigo
Location: 1/11 Bridge St,
Bendigo VIC

Photo taken: 20th September, 2016

Bendigo – The BIG Lotus Flower

Located in  Dai Gum San it’s a Chinese precinct which links the Golden Dragon Museum with the Yi Yuan Gardens and Kuan Yin Temple.

These gardens are home to two BIG Flowers

Title: BIG Flower
Category: BIG Thing

Suburb: Bendigo
Location: 1/11 Bridge St, Bendigo VIC

Photo taken: 20th September, 2016

Bendigo – BIG Flower

It was about this time I realized I was making the same face in every photo.
Despite wanting to be apart of the documentation process by demonstrating that I was actually visiting these nuggets of gold and not just finding random Google images, I also didn’t want to be that selfie queen with 600 photos of BIG THINGS and all having the same expression.
So about here I decided silly and creativity was the way to go!

From Bendigo it was a straight drive up to Cohuna and boy after around 18 hours you start to get tired.

Title: BIG Pram
Category: BIG Things

Suburb: Eaglehawk
Location: 8 Caradon Way,
Eaglehawk, VIC

Photo taken: 20th September, 2016

Eaglehawk – The BIG Pram

This one can be found on top of a baby store
It was about this time Victoria decided to surprise it’s inhabitants with a 25° day and I snuck into an Op shop for some cooler clothes.. I learnt after this trip to take spare clothes.
I really don’t think things through very well 

BIG Fish
Category: BIG Thing

Suburb: Cohuna
Location: 90 King George St,
Cohuna VIC

Photo taken: 20th September, 2016


Taken from across the lake this was as close as I thought you could get.
Not really sure what’s on the other side but it was a long drive to Cohuna from Bendigo and I was ready for bed.
I would suggest you find out if you have time a better photo is always worth chasing.

Title: Hay-Bale Cows
Category: Real Thing

Lake Charm
Location: Murray Valley Hwy,
Lake Charm VIC

Photo taken: 20th September, 2016

Lake Charm – Hay-Bale Cows

Again, some very creative art from the locals.
This was the first and I’ve seen many since starting this post in the way of Hay-bale art.

I saw this on my way to Lake Boga on my original trip, stopped, took a photo but couldn’t for the life of me remember where it was from until I left VIC for the N.T.
Ended up passing it on our road out of town and happily pulled over to catch an address.


Title: BIG Egg
Category: BIG Thing

Suburb: Lake Boga
Location: Obsolete (Item no longer exists)

Location visited: 20th September, 2016

Lake Boga – The BIG Egg

I circled the location a few times but no luck, unless they moved the BIG Egg inside the Lake Boga museum the item no longer exists.

At any rate the museum was closed, it was nearing dark and I had been awake for over 20 hours.
So off to find a quiet paddock and a good snooze it was!!
So tired I scarcely noticed how little room I had.

— DAY 2 —

Title: Catalina Flying Plane
Category: Real Thing

Suburb: Lake Boga
Location: 12 Jacaranda Cres,
Lake Boga, VIC

Photo taken: 21st September, 2016

Lake Boga – The Catalina Flying Plane

Back to the Catalina Museum I went but with a new mission.

In 1942 after the Japanese attacked the shores of Australia a number of Catalina Flying boats were destroyed resulting in Australia seeking a new facility and home for it’s Catalina planes. Lake Boga was selected due to it’s unlimited ability for water traffic while being inland enough to be a safe haven yet close enough to be of aid.

Title: BIG Murray Cod
Category: BIG Thing

Suburb: Swan Hill
139 Curlewis St,
Swan Hill. VIC

Photo taken 21st September, 2016

Swan Hill – BIG Murray Cod

When they tell you, you can’t miss him, you literally can’t miss him!

Situated at the local train station this bad boy is HUGE.
I’ve seen plenty of pics of people climbing in his mouth for a pic but the selfie stick wouldn’t have captured much.
Such an impressive monster!

So from here I actually dipped into NSW and I’m going to include this in the VIC blog for the shear fact of how close it is to the boarder.
If you’re in VIC, get the 2 BIG THINGS in Buronga and if you live in NSW and travel to Buronga get the few in North West VIC.
I will likely include this in my NSW thread as there’s no point going this far out from either state more than once.

It will save you a lot of time, and lets face it, these road trips are actually very time consuming and expensive.

Title: BIG Orange
Category: BIG Thing

Suburb: Buronga
93 Link Road,
Mourquong, NSW

Picture taken: 21st September, 2016

Mourquong – The BIG Orange

I was so thankful for a stop and coffee. It was a long drive from Swan Hill to Buronga that I ended up staying for an hour.
The BIG ORANGE is also home to the BIG Avocado and Lemon and an Orange farm that does tours
Really wish I had of shown up when a tour was close to starting but alas, more BIG THINGS called.

Just down the road…

Title: BIG Cask of Wine (OBSOLETE)
Category: BIG Thing

Suburb: Buronga
Location: 1131 Silver City Hwy,
Buronga, NSW

Location visited: 21st September, 2016

Buronga – The BIG Cask of Wine

Title: BIG Pharaoh
Category: BIG Thing

Suburb: Buronga
Location: 38 West Rd,
Buronga, NSW

Photo taken: 21st September, 2016

Buronga – The BIG Pharaoh

He was huge and rather a challenge to get a decent picture of.

As my selfie skills improve it’s still a little embarrising being on the side of a busy highway with a selfie stick taking photos of yourself in front of silly things.
Bloody tourists….

— DAY 3 —

Title: BIG Deck Chair
Category: BIG Thing

Suburb: Mildura
Location: Langtree Mall,
Mildura VIC

Location visited: 23rd September, 2016

Google Image

When I visited Mildura I couldn’t find the BIG Deck Chair.
After walking up and down the mall twice to no avail then pestering some locals one lady told me that people like to sit on it and every second week it’s taken away due to needing repairs.

Title: BIG Orange
Category: BIG Thing

Suburb: Irymple
Location: 3093 Fifteenth St,
Irymple, VIC

Photo taken 23rd September, 2016

Irymple – BIG Orange

I had seen this as a google image during my research but dismissed it as I could never get a fix on its address. So glad when I drove past it and doubled back.
Facility is closed permanently but the BIG Orange still exists!!

Category: Real Thing

Suburb: Redcliffs
Location: LOT 1 Jacaranda St,
Red Cliffs VIC

Photo taken: 23rd, September, 2016

Redcliffes – BIG LIZZIE

Half an hour down the road lies this bad girl.
Big Lizzie is responsible for the 12 BIG Mellee Roots we’re to discover over Australia.

Back when farming was new this infernal device was brought down to the country to clear the land. Fine job it did too… there’s no mellee roots until Ouyen.

Title: Mellee Root
Category: REAL Thing

Location: 6 Calder Highway,
Ouyen, VIC

Photo taken: 23rd September, 2016

Ouyen – Mellee Root

BIG Lizzie missed one 😛
Listing this as a REAL Thing, not a BIG THING…  there is 11 more over Australia to collect as numerous towns across Aus claim to have the Biggest Mellee Root

Title: BIG Wheat Clock
Category: BIG Thing

Suburb: Ouyen
Location: 6 Calder Highway,
Ouyen, VIC

Photo taken: 23rd September, 2016

Ouyen – BIG Wheat Clock

Same location as the Mellee Root : )

Title: BIG Mellee Fowl
Category: BIG Thing

Suburb: Patchewollock
Location: 44 Federation St,
Patchewollock VIC

Photo taken: 23rd September, 2016

Pachewollock – BIG Mellee Fowl

Made out of steel roofing I was really impressed with this one.

Had to follow a pretty isolated road to get to Patchewollock and spent the 20 minute drive wondering what the hell I was doing and hoping it was really there as I couldn’t find it on Google Maps

This species of bird is native to the lands surrounding Patchewollock and also endangered. They’re a hen like bird where they forage for nesting materials to make mounds out of and tend to roost in warm areas.

Title: Mellee Bull
Category: LIFE SIZED Thing

Suburb: Birchip
Location: 53 Cumming Ave,
Birchip VIC

Photo taken: 23rd September, 2016


Birchip – Mellee Bull

You cant see it in this pic but DAMN…
This guy has the biggest testicles I’ve ever seen.

I’m not sure why a sculpture needs a set of testies this big but it sure gave me a laugh.

Birchip – BIGGEST testicles!

Title: BIG Nassau Grouper Fish
Category: BIG Thing

Suburb: Donald
Location: 2 Blair St,
Donald VIC

Photo taken: 23rd September, 2016


Donald – BIG Nassau Grouper Fish

My last stop for the evening.
The BIG Nassau Grouper Fish can be viewed via a small pier / lookout across the road from the address provided.

This location is also home to the fabled Bullock’s Head.
I didn’t list this on my map but I will make a mention here as it’s an interesting tid-bit and if you bother to explore yourself, it’s definitely something to look out for.

Found at the pier in Donald
Donald Pier – The Bullocks Head



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