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I look back now and think ‘Oh, JESUS, Righto? How’d this start’ and always come back to laughing at the Abalone!

Like most people I discovered the Wiki BIG THING list then found a map belonging to one of the more seasoned BIG Thing connoisseurs  and made the mistake of trying to follow their map.
The trouble with dancing to the  beat of a drum belonging to another is that you don’t know the tune and every so often find yourself missing a beat… or a BIG THING that been created since they had done their tour and they had finished their project.

My first trip started in Bacchus Marsh and I almost didn’t go.

I really hesitated!!
Working the night shift the thought of  waking up early to go take selfies with pointless objects seemed like a really silly, FUN but silly idea!!!
Somehow I managed to convince myself that all I ever did was work, drink myself silly on my days off and sleep and I really needed an excuse to feel like I was actually living.

Deep down I craved a bit of adventure and distraction to break up the mold of a 50 hour workweek and a long distance relationship with a man I missed dearly.

So I went…

It was a small excursion that took me to Bacchus Marsh and lead to me getting lost in Meredith because I was relying on a map with no address’ and thought researching at the last point would be easy enough.

After getting home after a really annoying day of wrong address and driving in the wrong direction for over half an hour to have to double back and miss a picture due to poor lighting I got home and promised I wouldn’t venture out again until I had done my own research and saved myself the frustration.

My first BIG THING was the BIG Apple!!

∴ ∴ ∴

— Day One —


Title: BIG Apple
Big Thing

Suburb: Bacchus Marsh
Location: 432 Bacchus Marsh Rd,
Bacchus Marsh, VIC

Bacchus Marsh – The BIG Apple

This BIG Apple wasn’t the original!

Located at Mona’s Cafe this apple is said to be a pale comparison and poor replacement for the bigger, more impressive original BIG apple that has since been removed.

Next Stop!


Title: BIG Wooden Hand
Category: BIG Thing

Suburb: Bacchus Marsh
Location: 63 Main St,
Bacchus Marsh VIC


Bacchus Marsh – The BIG Wooden Hand


The BIG Wooden Hand was sculptured out of a rather large tree and is located in a residential front yard.
The time and dedication this must have taken is phenomenal and will likely always be my favorite because of it.



Title: King Spud
Category: Strange Thing

Suburb: Newlyn
Location: 2809 Midland Hwy,
Newlyn VIC


Newlyn – King Spud


Happened upon this little guy traveling to the BIG Golf ball in Daylsford.

“King Spud” was carved with a chainsaw during a wood carving artist an sits upon a pole along the Midland Highway.



Title: BIG Golf Ball
Category: BIG Thing

Suburb: Daylsford
Location: 11 Hepburn Rd,
Daylesford VIC


Daylsford – The BIG Golf Ball


This guy lives in the back of a  parking lot belonging to a Motel and embarrassingly enough the manager and a few clients were coming out of an upstairs office as I was in the parking lot attempting to take some pics with the old selfie stick.

(I had always thought selfie sticks were vain and stupid but gave it a go and found it so much easier to capture BIG THINGS while out hunting solo)

I couldn’t hear the customers but the manager was fairly loud with his pokemon comments and boisterous laughter.

For the record…. I never played pokemon but walking around strange places with a mobile phone, it was probably a good cover!


Title: BIG Cricket Bats
Category: BIG Thing

Suburb: Shepards Flat
Location: 355 Hepburn-Newstead Rd,
Shepherds Flat, VIC


Shepards Flat – The BIG Cricket Bats


Proudly adorns the gates of the …. wait for it…
Cricket bat manufacturing touristy store!


AND FINALLY.. after getting so severely lost.
This really should have been my starting point!!!

Title: BIG Chickens
Category: BIG Thing

Suburb: Meredith
Location: Cnr of Midland Hwy & Taylors Rd,
Meredith VIC


Meredith – The BIG Chickens

After driving half and hour in the wrong direction I ran out of daylight to snap this pic

Happy to have gotten the snap but damn I wish it was a selfie with more daylight.
Will be back you pesky chickens!


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